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Let’s say you have a coconut allergy.  If you are searching the Internet for something that you could use, would you type “hypoallergenic soap” or “coconut-free soap” into the search box?  Which one would give you better results tailored to your specific concerns?

When I first set up the tagging system on this site, I tagged things with an eye to noting which products contained what allergens.  However, this isn’t how people search for hypoallergenic products, and when I thought about this system a little more, I had to admit that my system was greatly flawed.  Instead of tagging my products with “allergy: nut”, I will be re-doing the tagging system and using “nut-free” instead.

Information for Allergy Sufferers

As a general caution, I am based in the suburbs of Colorado and share my home with two purebred Siberian cats and a human adult male.  I am allergic to cats, but Siberians naturally possess a lower amount of the enzymes that trigger cat allergies.  Although some friends’ cats cause my allergies to flare up, I am able to live normally with my two fur babies.  (I still make my husband clean the litter box, though!)

My workspace where I make the bath products is not 100% closed off from the cats, but the cats are not allowed in the area when I soap or make other bath products, and all the ingredients are stored in a closet away from feline contact.  I only take out ingredients when I am about to make soap or other products, and finished products are immediately moved to storage after they are made.  Unused ingredients are also immediately returned to the storage closet.  Depending on your level of sensitivity to cats, my products should be safe, but if you are concerned, then please be aware that feline exposure to these products was possible.

[Updated April 15, 2018] Allergies that I am currently tagging my products for include:

Other Allergies

If you don’t see your allergy in my analysis and would like me to include it, please let me know and I will update my product tags for you!


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