About Bath Geek

Hi! I’m Ai (pronounced “eye”), and I’m the owner and sole proprietor behind Bath Geek LLC. Bath Geek is located in Aurora, Colorado. Bath Geek was founded based on this simple thought: Allergies shouldn’t keep me from having nice things.

I developed almost all my allergies after college, including Oral Allergy Syndrome and an allergy to soy. A day without a breathing challenge is a day to remember. I understand the frustration at not being able to just pick something up off the shelf without reading the label in detail.

I was talking to one of my friends when she mentioned that her coconut allergy made life in general extremely challenging. She said there was a huge need for coconut-free soap. She had trouble every single day just taking her daily bath, and her hair was a lost cause. I had no idea every kind of detergent and soap out there is derived from coconut!

I immediately sympathized. I have a very similar thought about soy almost daily. (It’s amazing how much food out there contains soy, including chocolate pudding, bread, ice cream, and every kind of frozen pizza I can find on the shelves.) But in my case, I could at least cook for myself and I wouldn’t miss out nutritionally. I couldn’t even imagine not being able to trust my bath products or toiletries. Armed with my interest in chemistry, I set forth and began to research and experiment. The result is this website and my products.

I’m learning more about allergies every day, and I welcome anything you have to share about allergies and how I can help you live a better life and have nice things. Because really: allergies shouldn’t keep you from having nice things either.

Picture of Ai with lizard statue chewing on her foot
Yes, Ai’s been caught by a statue…
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