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Why Bath Geek LLC?

Limited Ingredients

The fewer the ingredients, the fewer the allergens.  My recipes are specially formulated to be gentle on sensitive skin. Ingredients are clearly listed, and possible allergens highlighted clearly so it's easier for you to find a product that suits you.

Almost all my bath products are vegan; I do not use any animal-derived ingredients or processing tools except for beeswax. Bath Geek LLC products are only tested on friends and family, never on animals!
Great for Gifts & Favors!

All of my products can be gift wrapped and sent directly to your loved ones; just drop me a note with your order!  I can also make custom pieces for your special occasions, wedding favors, baby showers, etc.

Custom Formulations

Have a specific allergy and need more detail about soaps?  Need me to make an ingredient substitution?  Contact me and we can discuss your needs.

What Others Are Saying

The bath geek products are great! I tried two different bubble bath bars and they were great! The scent filled the bathroom and even lingered on my skin for about an hour afterwards - creating a nice relaxing and fun environment. When I used the first one, I ended up with SO MANY BUBBLES!! I usually will sit in the bath until all the bubbles are gone - and it just wasn't happening with this bath bar - after 45 minutes - I got out and still had a tub full of bubbles. With the second bath bar - I used half of it for one bath and the other half for another bath. Still got a lot of bubbles - but a lot more reasonable amount this time 😛 Still had a great scent and a wonderful bath time experience. A great value for your money. Note: I do have a water softener in my house which normally does the tend to make for more bubbles than you will get with city water - but with the amount these bars made - I am sure even without the softener you will have a great bathtime experience!
I really like the Bath Geek products, especially the bubble bars and bath bombs. The scents are really nice, but not overpowering, and I've never had any issues with residue or color being left on the tub, which has happened with other products. We normally don't get many bubbles out of other bath products, but have had a lot of success with the amount of bubbles we get from the bubble bars, so my kids beg to use them 🙂 The packaging is also really nice, making BathGeek products great gifts.

I’ve only tried the bubble bath bars, but that was honestly one of the better baths I’ve taken. just enough product to be nice on the skin without leaving a ton of residue in the tub. I love the look of the bath bombs and soap, though. I’m so tired of the round bath bombs. They are not very visually appealing before actually putting them in the tub.

I tried the bubble bars! They are good quality, reasonable sizes, and affordable.

The products smell fabulous and feel so good on the skin!

Bath Geek’s bubble bath bars are a treat for the senses. They’re beautiful in a jar or basket near the tub, the scents are lovely, and who doesn’t like a relaxing bubble bath?

Bath Geek LLC
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