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Soap Dish by 6SN7 @ Flickr

The other day, one of my customers asked, “Will you be selling soap dishes? I need some for this handmade soap, to take care of it.”

I hadn’t planned on selling soap dishes, because everyone has such divergent tastes in decor!  However, I understood that what she really wanted was recommendations on which soap dishes would be best for her uses.  I can definitely recommend my favorite soap dishes!  (Disclaimer: I have no affiliation to any of these sellers or products, and my recommendation comes purely from finding them available for sale on Amazon. Your purchase through these links will give me a small commission, but you shouldn’t feel obligated to buy from here if you don’t want to. Feel free to shop around for something you like better!)

Soap Dishes For the Sink

Countertop soap dishes that I particularly like are waterfall dishes.  The idea here is to drain off the water so that your soap can dry in between uses.  I love waterfall soap dishes, and this is the kind that I have all over my house (I have a lot of sinks!):

These are also lovely examples of waterfall soap dishes I wouldn’t mind seeing next to my sink:

Again, the idea is to drain off the water so that your soap isn’t sitting in a puddle (and dissolving) between uses.  An enclosed bowl soap dish has to be emptied constantly, which is why I don’t recommend them.  I also don’t like grill-type soap dishes that leave marks on the counter or cause soapy water to puddle under the dish (but don’t drain into the sink).

Soap Dishes For the Shower

In the shower I’d prefer a soap dish that attached to the wall.  I’m not comfortable drilling holes in the wall, and because of that, I prefer suction-cup or sticker-attached soap dishes.  (If you’re the handy type, drill away!)  It’s important that you have a relatively large smooth surface for the suction cup to attach to.  If you don’t, you might have to use a sticky-surface soap dish instead.  I’m quite partial to the wire-basket type of soap dish in the shower.  Mine is attached to my shower caddy, but this is the kind of soap dish I’d look for, with emphasis on drainage holes:

If you have a tub, all the countertop soap dishes I’ve mentioned in the first section should work just fine for your tub too! However, there’s a certain luxury you can use in a tub that you can’t in a shower:

Aaaaah, reading in the tub.  (Hmm.  Now that I think about it, I might need to buy one of these for my tub!)

Kitchen Sink Soap Dishes

I have a waterfall soap dish next to my kitchen sink, but sometimes that’s either not possible or just not your way.  Here are some hanging-basket type soap dishes that would work too! (Disclaimer: I haven’t tried using any of these hanging soap dishes, and am merely picking them out by noting their drainage features.)

Non-dish Soap Savers

There’s one kind of soap saver I’ve never tried, and that’s the magnetic “soap in the air” type.  However, if this works for you, it definitely keeps your soap nice and dry between uses!

Last but not least, perhaps you already have a recessed soap “holder” in your shower, but soap keeps slipping out. (My soap always found its way to my feet even though I placed it in that soap shelf in the shower/tub.) You might not want to install another soap dish, but you could instead use a soap lift to help drain the soap a little better and cut down on water puddling underneath it. As a bonus, the soap lift should help stop the soap from sliding off the shelf too!

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