‘Tis the Season (for Colds/Flu)

If you live in a temperate climate (like myself, in Denver CO), you are probably quite familiar with the cold/flu season and how miserable it can be in the winter. If you have kids, then despite your best efforts, they are going to bring something home, and the entire family is going to get sick.

I’ve been going through a few changes in my life lately, and at the moment I live with a partner who has a young child with a predilection for coughing and sneezing with her cute little mouth wide open in your face. I have had a cold/flu/something for close to 6 weeks, and I am on my second course of antibiotics. I’ve had raw skin under my nose from all the tissues, Costco has gotten rich off my Kleenex purchases, and I even switched to blowing my nose at the sink and washing with water instead to try and be a little gentler on my poor raw skin, but when you are blowing your nose almost every minute, even that’s going to take its toll.

I’m writing this blog post, because I have been trying to protect my skin and have been having problems. Lotion burns. Aloe vera burns. Even medicated lotions burn. But what didn’t burn was my lotion stick. I should have just grabbed that in the first place instead of trying everything else!

I’ve been rubbing my lotion stick on my face and it has soothed and moisturized the raw skin without any burning sensation. I’ve also been using it on the backs of my hands and even rubbing it all over my hands (all the handwashing dries them out). It helps a ton. Now it doesn’t hurt any more when I have to blow my nose.

Another awesome thing is how well the lotion stick has helped with dry cuticles. My partner keeps lotion all through his apartment because he has dry cuticles and he’s constantly massaging lotion into his fingers. I finally gave him a lotion stick and used some on him lately. He’s a believer now and he’s been using that instead of lotion because it moisturizes much more effectively and it lasts longer than lotion.

So if you are dealing with raw skin and trying to moisturize, I strongly recommend using my Cocoa and Shea Lotion Stick. You can rub it directly on your skin, or use your fingers to transfer the oils from the stick to your lips, skin under/around your nose, or wherever else it’s needed.

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