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Lotions and body butters feel fantastic, but that amazing skinfeel does come with a price: body butters and lotions melt and/or separate in the summer heat.  A lotion stick will re-solidify relatively unscathed if placed in the fridge, but liquid lotions may separate, and whipped body butters will lose all that lovely air that was whipped into it!

In order to avoid this, in the summer months when the temperature is projected to rise above 75F (especially in hot USPS warehouses), shipping costs for any package with lotions or body butters will be an extra $8 to cover the cost of insulation and cold packs.  In addition, anything containing heat-sensitive products will only be shipped on Mondays and Tuesdays (to avoid your whipped body butter melting in a hot warehouse over the weekend and losing that gorgeous texture).

Porch pickups will continue for locals, but to protect your products, on hot days there will be a cooler on the porch to insulate the packages as much as possible.  Please try to pick up as close to your target arrival time as possible so that your whipped body butters, lotion sticks, and lotions don’t melt!

Summer shipping rates begin on April Fool’s Day (April 1) and go through Halloween (October 31).  Make sure to stock up before then!

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