Samantha S.

The bath geek products are great! I tried two different bubble bath bars and they were great! The scent filled the bathroom and even lingered on my skin for about an hour afterwards – creating a nice relaxing and fun environment.

When I used the first one, I ended up with SO MANY BUBBLES!! I usually will sit in the bath until all the bubbles are gone – and it just wasn’t happening with this bath bar – after 45 minutes – I got out and still had a tub full of bubbles.

With the second bath bar – I used half of it for one bath and the other half for another bath. Still got a lot of bubbles – but a lot more reasonable amount this time 😛 Still had a great scent and a wonderful bath time experience. A great value for your money.

Note: I do have a water softener in my house which normally does the tend to make for more bubbles than you will get with city water – but with the amount these bars made – I am sure even without the softener you will have a great bathtime experience!

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