Body Art and Wax Play

If you’ve ever done a paraffin soak at a spa or after a mani-pedi, you already know the pleasures of warm wax on your body.  Wax play is great for folks who want to enjoy the intimacy of sensual play without the painful burn of really hot wax.  

Bath Geek Body Art candles come in 6oz jars with metal screw lids, which means they can be transported easily. They are VERY low-temp candles (under 120F for the coconut/paraffin blend, under 110F for soy). You can melt and remelt my candles as many times as you like! The regular candles come in six lovely non-UV-reactive colors, and I also have six UV-reactive colors (great for blacklight parties!) The candle sets will last for several play sessions (unless you are looking to do wax casting and want to use very large quantities of wax!) and you can get them either wicked or wickless.

Paraffin Melting Temperature (proof #1)
Paraffin Melting Temperature (proof #1). This is about the temperature of a rather warm bath!

Wicked candles are great if you like playing with fire. ^_^ The best way to enjoy Bath Geek Body Art candles is to get an entire dozen in a box (or a half-dozen) and light them all. As the candle sits, more wax melts, and the pooled wax can be poured on your partner’s exposed skin. This is where Bath Geek Body Art candles shine (so to speak)–the super-low melting point of my waxes warm without burning and create a lovely blanket of soothing heat. Having warm wax poured on your skin is a lovely sensual experience unlike many others!

Wickless candles are very popular with people who don’t like soot or don’t want to bother with lighting and re-lighting candles. To use wickless candles, choose your favorite of any of the following methods:

  • Get a heat gun! Small ones are also known as embossing tools; they function like small hair-dryers but are specifically made to direct heat in a small area. Hold the jar upside down or tilted, or just leave them on a flat surface, and use the heat gun directly of the surface of the wax. This gives you the most control of the flow of the wax, and produces the lowest wax temperatures. For safety reasons, most heat guns have shorter power cords, so you will need an extension cord as a power outlet may not be within convenient reach.
  • If you don’t think a candle is complete without a flame, or you don’t want to be reliant on electricity, replace the heat gun with a brulee torch (you can get them anywhere that sells an assortment of kitchen tools). Make sure you also have a supply of butane in case you run out of fuel!
  • You can always microwave the jars (sans lid) in 30-second bursts. This is a great way to get the entire jar melted quickly, especially if you use little wooden popsicle sticks as stirrers.
  • One day I will probably graduate to putting the jars in a sous vide setup in a cooler. You can keep your wax at the PERFECT temperature this way! I’d use the microwave to start the wax melting, and then use the sous vide to keep the temperature constant.
  • A crock pot, bain marie, or other such water bath set on warm or low is a popular way to use wickless candles. it is not easy to regulate the temperature using this method if you are aiming for a small temperature window, as my wax allows you to do! However, some people like having full jars of melted wax to work with.
All six non-UV colors, back
A better look at all six non-UV colors.

Stay tuned–these candles will appear on the store very soon!

One thing to note is that in warmer weather, you may find that your candles (and wickless candles) may arrive in a melted fashion. Melting the wax a couple of times doesn’t hurt it, but I totally understand wanting your candles to settle properly in the jar.

If your candles arrive and it looks like they were a little too warm during shipping, put them upright somewhere warm (such as a sunny area of your porch or the inside of a car parked on the street) and they will re-melt and settle properly. Of course, you can also just microwave them until they melt, and then just let them settle and cool down again. PLEASE BE CAREFUL NOT TO MICROWAVE THE LIDS, they are real metal and may spark!

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